Madame Pirate 

In a lawless world overrun by roving ships and ruthless men, a girl propels herself from a life of forced prostitution, into one of piracy. 

Living the pirate's life  is easier said than done. One has to somehow survive living in close quarters with a bunch of unruly male pirates, deal with the Qing Dynasty authorities ' decision to clear the coast of pirates, in order to establish their own power over the local population and last but not least , contend with almost constant seasickness.


 It turns out, our heroine took it all on and ended but becoming the most successful pirate in history.

They called her Cheng I Sao, though history, mostly forgot about her and her exploits. 

We made an immersive VR experience mixing animation and live action to bring the extraordinary story of Cheng I Sao to a modern audience. 

Written and Directed by Morgan OMMER & Dan-Chi HUANG​

Starring ​ 姚以緹, 孔令元, 黃尚禾, 徐灝翔 Yi -Ti YAO, Ling-Yuan KUNG, Shang-Ho HUANG, Hao-Hsiang HSU​

Kaohsiung Film Festival World Premiere​

Taiwan|2021|6dof (Interactive)|Colour|17min|English, Mandarin

 More Information ​ VR 體感劇院 VR FILM LAB

高雄電影館 國立臺南藝術大學 姚以緹‧Eleven Shang-Ho Huang 黃尚禾 孔令元 Kung Ling Yuan 徐灝翔

#女海盜 #成名之路 #MadamePirateBecomingALegend

#鄭一嫂 #張保仔 #歷史故事 #真實改編 #高雄電影節 #VR #動畫



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