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Madame Pirate 

In a lawless world overrun by roving ships and ruthless men, a girl propels herself from a life of forced prostitution, into one of piracy. 

Living the pirate's life is easier said than done. One has to survive somehow living in close quarters with a bunch of unruly male pirates, deal with the Qing Dynasty authorities ' decision to clear the coast of us, in order to establish their own power over the local population and last but not least, contend with almost constant seasickness.


It turns out, that our heroine took it all on, and ended up becoming the most successful pirate in history. They called her Cheng I Sao, though History, mostly forgot about her and her exploits. 

We made a VR experience, mixing animation and live action to bring the extraordinary story of Cheng I Sao to a modern audience. 

Written and Directed by Morgan OMMER & Dan-Chi HUANG​

Starring ​ Yi-Ti Yao, Ling-Yuan Kung, Shang-Ho Huang, Hao-Hsing Hsu


Narration Written by Barbara Tran (English) & Shang-Chiao Li (Mandarin) 

Produced by Serendipity films 

Taiwan|2021|6dof (Interactive)|Colour|17min|English, Mandarin


Kaohsiung 2021 VR FILM LAB Originals

SXSW 2022 Official Selection 

Cannes XR 2022 in Competition 

NewImages Festival 2022 in Competition 

BIFAN 2022 Official Selection

MIFF 2022 Official selection 

VRE 2022 Official Selection 

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#鄭一嫂 #張保仔 #歷史故事 #真實改編 #高雄電影節 #VR #動畫



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